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Chris Craymer

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We have been working on brand development, portfolio editing, book projects for publication, language communications, marketing collateral and packaging with the wonderfully gifted and highly productive photographer Chris Craymer for a number of years.


His acclaimed work, rooted in his tender, whimsical, and very English view of the world, spans all categories. Over the years, we have established a promotional system that clearly communicates the emotional and visual connections between all of the strands of his brand and work. The first campaign, which spanned three years, was a series of signed posters that link his categories together – “fashionbeautylifestyleportraits”.


His new promotional system is comprised of packaging for large limited edition prints from his “Romance” project, plus a series of beautiful art cards with romantic typography and a playful hand-drawn crown. The system showcases the joyous and deeply English sensibilities of this incredibly successful, popular US, UK and globetrotting photographer and director. 


“For me, the really special thing is that Beth starts with getting to know one as a person. This is on a deep and meaningful level. From there she develops a clear perspective of what is important in one’s work. It is a very enlightening process and one I would highly recommend. Armed with this information, I have felt confident to take my career on to the next level. I have also made a valued and trusted friend.”

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