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Beth Taubner speaks with gallery owner Andrew Coningsby about "Only When I Dream", an exhibition curated by Beth for the Coningsby gallery. The exhibition is comprised of fine art photographs, original illustrations and one video and sound installation, all of which resonate with the exhibition topic. Artists exhibiting include renowned fine art photographers Morag Paterson, Ted Leeming, Claire Rosen, Gina Glover and multi-media artist Carol Sharp along with esteemed illustrators Sam Falconer and Martin O’Neill.



In this episode of the podcast, The Nerdy Photographer speaks with transformational brand strategist, creative director, and marketing expert Beth Taubner about looking within ourselves to explore how we, and our clients, relate to our business. This exploration leads to better marketing and communication, and it can even open up new avenues of revenue when you discover how your business attributes may be useful in other fields.


Being able to define your brand and tell your story in an authentic way is extremely important for food bloggers. But how easy is it to do?! Beth talks to Megan Porta, host of highly esteemed podcast Eat Blog Talk, and leads you through points that make it much less daunting. In this episode, she reveals exercises you can dig into TODAY that will help you dig deep and understand your brand in a new way. 

In the concluding part of this podcast series, Beth talks about coming to market from your brand center. She explains how to develop tools to communicate and promote your business, offers tips on how to use your graphic identity to project your brand, as well as how to work intelligently with budget and scheduling in your business. Real world tips for real world results! 

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In Part 4 of this 5 part podcast, Beth continues her podcast series with the London Photo Festival, discussing how to approach motion as a photographer. She touches upon how attributes and capabilities feed into your motion profile and brand, as well as how motion differs from photography, and how to tell stories using this medium.

The Art and Business of You: Episode 03 - The Visual You

The Art and Business of You: Episode 03 - The Visual You
Beth speaks with the London Photo Festival, exploring how working from a brand perspective manifests in visual work, and how to make your attributes work for you. She also discusses how to select your projects and stories based on patterns in your work, along with ways to use your brand knowledge edit your work.


Beth guests on the Soup to Nuts podcast with journalist Elizabeth Crawford about food trends in consumer behaviour, and the benefits of food brands taking a deep dive into their psyches right now. She covers how knowing your brand and targeting the right consumer will guide you in the current pandemic landscape - insights that can be prove helpful for all businesses and individuals, with a particular emphasis on the food industry and the creatives who work with them. 

London Photo Festival Podcast
The Art and Business of You:
Episode 02 - Where We Are Now

In Episode 2 of this podcast series, Beth speaks to the London Photo Festival about the navigating the industry in the current climate.

Beth speaks to the London Photo Festival about

photographers finding their voice and coming to market in an authentic way.

London Photo Festival Podcast
The Art and Business of You:
Episode 01 - Who You Are

In this 30 minute interview, Beth has an in-depth discussion with photographer and filmmaker Josh Rothstein. Josh’s career arc has seen him transition from filmmaker to photographer and back again, and befriending and working with heros such as Usain Bolt, Baz Luhrmann and Hugh Jackman. Having also released a narrative film on the film festival circuit, Josh's career is certainly one to aspire to!

In Conversation:
Josh Rothstein

In Conversation:
Mark Leibowitz

Beth speaks to the great Mark Leibowitz - a director who started within the motion world as a DP, Mark is an inspiring artist who shows you what you can do if you have a strategy, keep moving forward and keep working hard, having worked with names such as Oprah, David Letterman, Netflix, Budweiser and many more.

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