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what we do

Our Programs

Our Programs

1. The Discovery Day: Core Transformation For Individual Creatives + Solopreneurs 

A new and proprietary twist on conventional brand strategy and marketing. 
It’s accelerated, real-world, and profound.


The Discovery Day is a psychologically oriented, transformational one-on-one full-day brand session. You’ll leave the day with a clear understanding of your core attributes, along with guidance and tasks to stimulate and support you in moving your work forward with power, focus and authenticity. 

The Discovery Day is a fundamental power tool used by many visual artists, including photographers and directors in every category, multi-platform artists, fine artists, stylists and designers.

Following the initial Discovery Day, clients typically continue our work together utilising a variety of offerings based in brand attribute application including:


-    Strategic coaching and brand strategy
-    Image analysis and shoot guidance 
-    New shoot concepting and assigning 
-    Website consulting
-    Portfolio development and editing
-    Logo graphic design creation and supervision 
-    Content and story development 
-    Integrated Marketing and competitive analysis
-    Brand based Bio development and copywriting 
-    Fine art market guidance
-    Motion and Film Concepting and Supervision
-    Writing for social media
-    Language communications and more


2. The Personalized Tools to Engage + Motivate Your New Consumer

It’s nimble, potent, and practical.
Ideal for those of you who know your product or brand inside out.

A quick turn-around project to assess and finesse your current brand and to create brand-based marketing tools that are right for the times we are living in now.

We will:

  • Analyze your new brand landscape and consumers​

  • Hold a team workshop or webinar to excavate brand attributes, goals, hopes and dreams

  • Provide you with broad, actionable guidelines to apply immediately to your marketing language, visuals (stills and motion), website, and social media.

3. The Bird’s Eye View: Personalized Brand Analysis,
Creative Direction + Marketing


It’s comprehensive, incisive and personalized. 
Ideal for brands without in-house creative or agency relationships.


We will:

  • Assess and refine your current brand positioning with team input in a webinar or workshop setting.

  • Your refined brand attributes and positioning will be the basis for gaining greater clarity and momentum in new brand communications and marketing.

  • Analyze the new brand landscape and consumer behaviour

  • Creative Development and Direction for a comprehensive Brand-based and Marketing Campaign. Creative Direction includes Concepts, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Marketing language, Visuals and Motion across multiple applications and social media for you to implement.

4. Transformational Brand Strategy + Communications

Our program for long-term, dynamic change, clarity and market sector ownership.
Designed for businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs with a team of three or more.

It’s a deep, profound look into the psyche of your brand using our proprietary process, providing the blueprint for fundamental internal change, market repositioning and strength.

Encompassing The Discovery Day for owners and key team members, analytical staff interviews, market research, competitive research and communications audits, this program is the true game-changer. Mercurylab will arm you with a massive strategy document filled with recommendations and activities to actualize and shift your internal culture and brand for continued success that is deeply rooted in your values, goals and inner self and culture. As part this process, we create clear, persuasive messaging language to communicate the internal world ofyour brand into the marketplace.

Here’s what our clients say.

5. Personal + Team Coaching + Counseling

We offer specially tailored On-going Coaching + Counseling as well as Psychographic Team and Sales Training to help clients truly integrate internal change while successfully and proactively connecting with the marketplace and achieving tangible goals. 

Beth’s expertise in strategic analysis, visuals and language arts, along with her certifications both as a Pilates Mat teacher and Psychological Astrological Counselor provide real and unexpected tools for dynamic internal and external personal, brand and marketing recalibration. In particular, we provide psychological astrological counseling from a birth chart perspective -- the map of the psyche -- diagramming a clear and concise view of client family relationships and relationship to collective ideas and culture, key elements in understanding how to guide clients in accomplishing dynamic and lasting change. 

6. Integrated Digital Marketing

Mercurylab marketing and communications are rooted in a deep understanding of our clients’ attributes, long-term strategy and tactics, making every communication an opportunity to connect, inspire and convey who you are. 

Clients tell us that our supercharged Integrated Newsletter and Social Media program is a total hit, with open rates of 70% and high levels of Instagram engagement, with accelerated likes and comments from both existing and target clients.

Why is this program important?


You want to form strong, on-going relationships with all of your audiences. Staying in touch using a variety of complementary channels is essential – with content that is emotionally connected, underlines your values and is relevant for you – and for them.

Give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll tell you how it can work for you no matter where you are in the life cycle of your brand.

Explore Our Programs

Brand Design
Brand Language + Naming
Brand Messaging


Psychographic Sales Training

Strategic Recruitment, Hiring And Training


Brand Campaigns
Creative Direction
Individual, Business + Creative Coaching and Counselling
Website Concepts, Design + Content

The SummaLab

Psychological Astrology
Strategic Positioning + Brand Attributes
Transformational Branding   

Our Services

Our New Program

The SummaLab: 
Master In-House Workshops + Learning for Progressive Business


At The SummaLab, we are creators and educators, analysts and sales chiefs.

We provide intelligent and seamless master in-house learning experiences for young and small food, café and hospitality businesses, personally committed to establishing the foundation and tools for your brand’s long-term success. You’ll learn how to apply the theories used by the great brands, and we’ll share our own extensive knowledge base to help you confidently and potently express your brand, build its reach, emotionally connect with your customers, and set your brand apart from the competition. 

Gather together up to eight key team members to learn and be heard in the same room. Come away with new ways of thinking, doing, and moving forward with direction and purpose into the next stages of your business life. 

Day 01.

The essential elements of brand discovery and definition, and how to apply to your own brand

Day 02.

Seducing your audience with photography and motion

Day 03.

Using brand language to clearly connect + motivate

Day 04.

Sales - How to analyse the market, expand your reach and close the deal

Get ready to go!

Our Services


Brand Architecture  |   Competitive Analysis   |   Transformational Branding     
Ongoing Brand Refinements   
|   Strategic Positioning + Brand Attributes   |   Psychological Astrology


Brand Guidelines   |   Brand Language   |   Brand Messaging    |   Identity + Graphic Design Supervision 
Naming + Tagline


Implementation Supervision   |   Brand Campaigns   |   Brand Copywriting   |   Creative + Photography Direction   |   Portfolio Design, Development & Editing   |   Website Concepting, Design,
Content + Implementation


Individualized Brand Training & Coaching   |   Business & Creative Coaching and Counseling  |  Psychological Astrological Counseling   |   Strategic Recruitment, Psychological Interviewing, Hiring and Training   |   Psychographic Sales Training

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