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The Currant

Brand Excavation & Strategy, Naming, Creative Direction & Team Building, Architectural & Interior Design Supervision, Art Direction- Design & Photography Direction; Menu & Retail Product Consulting

The Currant was a soup to nuts project for Mercurylab in London. We worked with a client who had a dream to build a small empire of local cafés throughout the hip semi-suburban areas of East London. When we started she had no experience in the food business, so we began with rigorous Brand Excavation & Definition in order to begin to shape her offering. Once defined, we moved into naming The Currant, referencing both the delicious home baked products as well as the idea of being plugged into the community and to what is happening “now.” We also brought together and supervised the entire team responsible for menu consulting, architectural design, and graphic design for The Currant’s identity, the beautiful color palette used in all brand communications, menu design, signage, and more.

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Mercurylab worked with ROAR AFRICA on deep brand excavation and strategy, guiding them in calibrating the company’s extraordinary “best of the best” positioning. Through their new positioning, we were able to bring the company’s bona fide commitment to the preservation and protection of Africa more front and center in their ethos and communications. We developed and wrote new external messaging and communications, as well as staff training and tools to use in a more psychologically based approach to sales, along with website and social media consultation

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