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At Mercurylab,
we are in the business of transformation.

Our proprietary methodology is a powerful, intimate, transformational, life-changing, creatively invigorating, business-changing process. It’s analytical and psychological, empathic and incisive. It works for individuals, and for businesses and organizations large and small.

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Transformational Brand Development, Supervision & Coaching

As part of the branding process, we frequently talk about being put into a funnel in order to become highly distilled. It’s another way of saying that all of the work we do here at Mercurylab is about getting to the essence of you and your brand so that you can harness your real power and communicate it effectively in every way.

Most of our clients start by working one-on-one. It’s a great way to dive in and accelerate learning about what you stand for. We have a specific methodology that works, so all clients began the branding process by looking within, writing about themselves and bringing those materials to our first full-day meeting together.

Our process is effective for everyone, whether you are a photographer, an entrepreneur, a company, a product, or an organization. The goal of all branding and consulting is consciousness: finding the parts of your brand that are already readily available to you, and discovering the parts you need to know in order to become more fully your brand.

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the discovery day


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case studies


Clients work with us for a day or for years – it’s up to you. We’ll help you to truly define and position your brand and to express it in everything you do. We’ll work with you as transformational brand strategists, creative directors, writers, designers, and as social media consultants. Whatever you need. And we’ll do that in the context of providing on-going direction and support as you take your brand and your work successfully to market.

"Beth has the ability to elevate a client's work, beyond the realm of a single project. She quickly identifies one's strengths and signatures, and fosters them to a fever pitch. The resulting information provides her clients with the tools they need to more effectively execute their overall artistic vision."
Chris Lowell  Fine Artist, Writer, Actor

Go Deeper

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Our tools include, formal brand methodology, business strategy, Jungian astrology, psychology, interviews, analysis, motivational and focusing exercises, creative direction, design, and marketing strategy. The work is always rooted in consciously working with your belief systems, your core attributes, and your specialized strategy. This is the excavation, integration, and on-going work we do at Mercurylab.

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from our lab to yours

Transformational Branding
Discovery Day
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