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Ask the Expert - Advice from Beth Taubner, “The Master of Creative Interventions”

NY + London based Transformational Brand Strategist + Creative Director Beth Taubner of Mercurylab has been described as a photo whisperer, a shrink, a business guru, a forensic researcher, a travel agent to the soul, and the master of creative interventions. With a strategic and creative birds-eye view of the marketplace, she works extensively with visual artists, stylists, artist representative agencies, production companies, brands and non-profits in the US, UK and Europe.

We invite you to listen to her timely advice and expertise on how to reinvigorate your creativity, develop an actionable, real-world work strategy and engage with real market opportunities that exist at this complicated time. It’s ten minutes well-spent to get you invigorated!

We’ve included a very effective writing exercise to do after listening to her video so that you can put her suggestions to use right away.

Beth calls this exercise “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”

01. Put yourself in a quiet place, ideally away from your home or office or anywhere that will stimulate that “worried voice in your head.”

02. Set aside an hour to write about these three topics: How you are feeling about your business (everything from client relationships, dealing with your team, finances and so on), how you are feeling about your creativity, and how you are feeling about your career.

03. Please write for what Beth calls a therapeutic hour. Don’t worry if you repeat yourself or if you like to write in paragraphs, in list form, or stream of consciousness. And please write with no judgment! It’s important to give yourself an opening to begin to work more consciously from your center in order to charge, or recharge, your brand.

04.Please feel free to share our video and exercise with your colleagues and friends. They will thank you!

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