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Beth Taubner's Free Podcast Series For The Visual And Creative World

Are you a photographer, director or artist representative agency seeking inspiration to re-energise your brand or your artist's brands?

In collaboration with The London Photo Festival, New York and London based Transformational Brand Strategist + Creative Director Beth Taubner of Mercurylab invites you to listen to our six-part podcast series The Art and Business of You: A Guide to Defining Your Brand, Creating Your Tools, and Succeeding in Your Photography Career in Today’s World.

Remember brands are visceral and easy to identify, just like the characters of our furry friends!

In the first two instalments of the series, Beth provides an insightful analysis on focusing deeply on how to find your voice, defining the core meaning of your work, navigating the industry in the current climate, and marketing your work with a clear blueprint and brand message to come to market with authenticity and success.

Listen here:

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